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Becker-Hagens UVG 120 Sphere electromagnetic Earth Grid.


"The experience of life in a finite, limited body is specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural (infinite) existence within the finite." -Pythagoras

Planetary 'energy' grid theory falls under the heading of pseudoscience. It operates through geometrical patterns that follow a specific symmetry linked to sacred geometry.

The grids meet at various intersecting points forming a grid or matrix. This is equivalent to the acupuncture points on our bodies. These grid points can be found at some of the strongest power places on the planet.

During the Renaissance, Leonardo daVinci initiated the perspective of the individual observer in drawing and painting systems, which positioned the observer at the center of the universe [sim.Taoist precept].

"Our destiny is to encounter our embracing collective mind with increasing intimacy and resonance. We awaken to a love life, in which personal love expands to planetary love- through this touching new body of mindfulness. A new body of mind crystallizes among us." -Dan Winter




Earth radiation is a theoretical geophysical phenomenon described primarily by the German authors Manfred Curry and Ernst Hartmann.

They both describe a mystic force field (similar to Odic force, Mana, Qi) that covers the earth at regular intervals and can be detected by dowsing using a divining rod. It is not supposed to be detectable by common scientific instruments but some still connect it to telluric currents, which are actual phenomena, detectable by scientific instruments.

Placing people or other living things in certain spots of the earth radiation knots is believed to be beneficial/harmful depending on radiation flow direction. It connects to the Gaia philosophy and vitalist school and is very popular in certain New Age circles in Europe, especially in Germany.

The radiation is described as a grid-like arrangement with lines at regular distances:



Some proponents of this theory will also mention Schumann Waves/Resonance (which, like telluric current, is an actual scientifically detectable phenomena) and Black Lines.


Ley lines refer to hypothetical alignments of a number of places of geographical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths. Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, whose book The Old Straight Track brought the alignments to the attention of the wider public.

The existence of alignments between sites is easily demonstrated. However, the causes of these alignments are disputed. There are several major areas of interpretation:




Black lines seem to be naturally generated, although quite how is not known. They may be localised and do not form a network in the same way as Hartmann and Curry lines. This could be similar in nature to the "sha", or deadly energy lines of Chinese Feng-Shui. They can be curved, straight, at ground level or higher, even found in the upper levels of buildings. There have been described 2 types of Black lines, one as "black and depressed", the other as "shiny, black, hard and sharp." They could possibly represent the flow lines of a negative type of "orgone-type" energy as described by Wilhelm Reich.



The Hartmann net consists of naturally occurring charged lines, running North-South and East-West. It is named after Dr. Ernst Hartmann, a well regarded German medical doctor, who first described it soon after the second world war. Alternate lines are usually positively and negatively charged, so where the lines intersect it is possible to have double positive charges and double negative charges, or one positive and one negative charge. It is the intersections that are seen to be a source of potential problems.

The Hartmann Net appears as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like invisible, radioactive walls, each 21 centimetres (9 inches) wide. The grid is magnetically orientated, from North to South they are encountered at intervals of 2 metres (6 feet 6 inches), while from East to West they are 2.5 metres (8 feet) apart. Between these geometric lines lies a neutral zone, an unperturbed micro-climate. This network penetrates everywhere, whether over open ground or through dwellings.

The Hartmann net has been defined using the Chinese terms of Yin and Yang. The Yin (North-South lines) is a cold energy which acts slowly, corresponds to winter, is related to cramps, humidity and all forms of rheumatism. The Yang (East-West lines) is a hot, dry rapidly acting energy. It is related to fire and is linked to inflammations.

The points formed by the intersection of these lines, whether positive or negative, are dynamic environments sensitive to the rhythms of the hours and the seasons.

It has been suggested that both the Curry grids and Hartmann Net are earthing grids for cosmic rays that constantly bombard the Earth, and that they can be distorted by other things, such as geological fault lines and underground mining. It is also possible to have spots where the Curry and Hartmann lines cross, causing further potential problems. These spots are generally seen to be more detrimental than a single crossing within the Curry or Hartmann system.





Earth crystalline energy grid

Soviet (1960's) illustration of Crystalline Planet as appeared in the Khimiya i Zhizn, popular science journal journal of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The Russians referred to earth grid as a 'matrix of cosmic energy' that existed as the subtle structural (metaphysical) foundation of the Earth prior to its creation. According to a later Russian journal, Komsomol's Pravda, the primordial earth was initially a crystal that rounded out to a spheroid form later.

The Russian hypothetical model of the crystal planet, or consciousness of earth [sim.Gk.: Gaia], is visualized as a dodecahedron (12 pentagons) superimposed with an icosahedron (20 triangles)[sim.Gk.: Platonic solids; polyhedra; Hindu: "mother of form" (Prakriti) swims in the "cosmic ocean" (Purusha)], which correlate with ancient sacred sites, earth faults, magnetic anomalies, migration patterns, etc. 

Computer model of Carbon (C60) molecule







The Dymaxion map of the Earth is a projection of a global map onto the surface of a polyhedron, which can then be unfolded to a net in many different ways and flattened to form a two-dimensional map which retains most of the relative proportional integrity of the globe map. It was created by Buckminster Fuller, and patented by him in 1946, the patent application showing a projection onto a cuboctahedron (ie.vector equilibrium; dymaxion map). The 1954 version published by Fuller under the title The Air Ocean World Map used a slightly modified but mostly regular icosahedron as the base for the projection, and this is the version most commonly referred to today. The name Dymaxion was applied by Fuller to several of his inventions.


Unlike most other projections, the Dymaxion is intended purely for representations of the entire globe. Each face of the polyhedron is a gnomonic projection, so zooming in on one such face renders the Dymaxion equivalent to such a projection.


Human face found on Earth's surface.

UNIFIED VECTOR GEOMETRY (UVG) 120 POLYHEDRON/SPHERE: (Becker-Hagens) Planetary Meta-Physics

The Unified Vector Geometry (UVG) 120 Polyhedron consists of the combination/superimposition of an icosahedron and a dodecahedron (actually combines all elemental polyhedra), a structure of consciousness which theoretically existed prior to the physical earth, provides a form composed of 15 Great Circles which intersect at 62 predicted common points, or Major Grid Points (see below).


The form has also been referred to as the calcis rhombic triacontrahedron (30 diamond-faced polyhedron) and/or hexakis icosahedron [aka. Earth Star].


The UVG 120 Polyhedron/Sphere is so named for its 120 triangular faces, a form which was known to ancient civilizations (eg.Greeks), was applied in two forms:

1) Girded Sphere (marked stone): used for mapping, dowsing, geometry (earth measure)

2) Armillary Sphere (celestial basket): used as astronomical clock (measuring time via the solstices and daily sunrises); the armillary sphere casts a shadow on the internal stone sphere within its framework to demark lines, echoing the ancient analogy, "as above, so below."


After all the elemental polyhedra are mapped on the internal stone sphere, 121 Great Circles and 4862 points  are developed (essentially UVG 120; RBF). 


R.B.Fuller spent most of his life developing models and theory of synergetic geometry (eg. vector equilibrium/cuboctahedron, rhombic-triacontahedron) and "nature's comprehensive building system," (later becoming UVG 120 Polyhedron of Becker-Hagens: expanding/combining the "incomplete" Russian dodecahedron geodesic sphere with Sanderson's icosahedron to resemble the Neolithic calcis model).

RBF showed that the "predictable physical pattern" was also inherent in the skin layers of a balloon (through micro-photography). In near ideal conditions, the interior gas molecules ricocheted of the inner surface of the balloon, manifesting their kinetic energy in "great circle" patterns of "shortest distance" frequency. The ambient temperature of the balloon's exterior can be balanced/regulated so that the synergetic geometry could be visible [sim.vibrating cosmic dust particles and gases of the primordial solar system in transit through energy vectors inherent to planetary grids; Canopy Theory (Vail/Cyr): in prehistoric antiquity, the world climate may have been more balanced, and therefore grid energy manifestations more visible and more available for applications; the pattern relationships between ancient sites and the synergetic geometry of Earth grid energy (eg.UVG 120 Polyhedron; Earth Star of Becker-Hagens) in prehistoric antiquity (megalithic period); the primary purpose megalithic astronomy (the precise calculations of solar and lunar phases; solstice/equinox) was to predict "pulses" of energy through the grid at different times of the year, hence the establishment of holidays].


Basic Triangle of the UVG 120 Polyhedron: (Basic UVG Triangle) (Becker-Hagens)


The 15 Major Great Circles and 62 Major Grid Points of the UVG 120 Polyhedron define 120 Basic UVG Triangles (30-60-90 degree angles), which consist of 16 lines and 45 intersection points, deriving a global total of 106 minor great circles and 4800 (actual- 4862) minor grid points. The side dimensions of the Basic UVG Triangle measures: 1400, 2200, and 2600 miles, respectively (totaling 6200 miles).


Archeoastronomy and Map Research:

  • Donald Cyr and Sir J. Norman Lockyer: investigating ancient stone circles with radiating lines at specific angles (ie.22+, 11+, 46+, 90, 120, 180) from the center, aligning with other radial prominent sacred stones; theorizes the intelligent design of nature (nature is not natural)

  • Richard J. Benson (Pythagorean Brotherhood): direct relationship with "hidden halos" radiating out from Great Pyramids and Sphinx (Cairo) through other prominent holy sites at specific angles (ie.22) and atmospheric events (supposedly common to ancient humanity)

  • Piri Reis Map (c.1523 CE): found in Istanbul (1929); believed to have been a copy of an ancient Greek (ancient Alexandria) original; show "wind-rose" lines (ie.22+, 11+), converging on Cairo  from points in the Atlantic

  • Bauche Map (c.1737 CE): also believed to have been a copy of an ancient Greek map; shows accurate and unique views of Antarctica (Grid Point 62) without its ice cover, even though instruments to detect such land masses were not invented until 1958.


       Bauche Map of 1737 shows Antarctica without ice cover.

see also: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/atlantis--lemuria/graham-hancock-beyond-atlantis-secret-advanced-technology.html

  • Mythical Maps of Mu and Pan (Lemuria) [pre-Atlantis (3rd Root Race)]: described by the channeled Oahspe, A New Bible in the Worlds of Jehovih in the writings of Sir James Churchward; and in the revelations of the Lemurian Brotherhood to the Lemurian Fellowship (Ramona, CA); were all made before the cartography of Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen


          Mythical map of Lemuria

  • Ivan Sanderson (1960's): investigating mysterious continuing disappearances and time-warp phenomena (eg.Bermuda Triangle, Devil's Sea); theorized that tremendous hot and cold currents crossing these most active zones caused the electromagnetic gymnastics affecting instruments and vehicles

  • The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak (1977): document of linguistic-cybernetic information proposing artificial (above) and natural (below) time-warp areas used by the Brotherhood; evidence of paraphysical grid line connections among American pyramids

  • Christopher Bird: dowser; coined the term, "Planetary Grid" in the article appearing in the New Age Journal (May, 1975), which illuminated research involving earth/human origins and grids, taking off parallel to and as a result of Sanderson's work; he wrote of three Russian researchers (Nikolai Goncharov, Muscovite historian; Vyacheslav Morozov, a construction engineer; Valery Makarov, electronics specialist) who published an article, "Is the Earth a Large Crystal?"; supporting and following Sanderson's work; outlining Sanderson's 12 grid points and added 50 more (62 total) [sim.icosa-dodecahedron grid; UVG 120 Polyhedron; Earth Star]

  • New Zealand's Captain Bruce Cathie: adopts cuboctahedron grid [sim.vector equilibrium (VE) of RBF] to map UFO-grid phenomena

  • Athelstan Spilhaus: investigates faults, seismic activity, and continental drift

  • A.M. Davie: investigates coincidental events

  • Michael Helus: developing theory of harmonics called, "Astrosonics," which is a practical health technology for people to tune in to Earth consciousness (Gaia) by reactivating the cosmic time and place of their birth

  • John Sinkiewicz: theorizes that nature is the result of intelligent design (nor natural) (eg.natural disasters, pole shifts and wobbles); believes that earth energy grid is out of alignment, no longer anchored to the north/south poles, and people are beginning to rediscover the location of the new grid and build new sacred sites in order to reactivate it

  • Ray Stoner: investigating American ancient sites (pyramids) and their earth grid function

  • Terry Ross: former president of the American Society of Dowsers, who practices dowsing in Third World countries to manifest abundance

  • Chinese Geomancy (Feng Shui): understanding the flow of ley lines (dragon lines) in the landscape; balancing cosmic energy (heaven) with the flow of underground water (earth); harmonizing buildings and their functions to heaven and earth

  • American Dowsers (Tom Bearden, Ken MacNeill, Toby Grotz, Walter Baumgartner): pushing politics of grid research into the development of practical "free energy devices" that will be decentralized, affordable, and supportive of personal freedom



The husband-and-wife team of Becker and Hagens - created the map below. Becker is a Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and Bethe Hagens is a Professor of Anthropology at Governors State University.

The Becker-Hagens grid cracked the code of the Platonic Solids' positions on Earth.

Becker and Hagens show us how these two shapes were first discovered, and then how they worked into the ultimate Earth Grid, which they called the Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron (including all elemental polyhedra), or the UVG 120 Earth Star, the growing/evolving conscious geomagnetic structure which ancient people used for integrative purposes (according to Sinkiewitz, considered the rediscovered ancient grid; Pythagorean Grid).

They ascribe this discovery to the work of Ivan P. Sanderson, who was the first to make a case for the structure of the icosahedron at work in the Earth. He did this by locating what he referred to as vile vortices, or areas of the Earth where mysterious disappearances, mechanical failures and time-space distortions were seen to occur.

These 3 scientists worked off of their combined talents to determine this "matrix of cosmic energy" that encircles the Earth. With this new formulation of the Global Grid, Becker and Hagens write :

Becker and Hagens' attention was drawn to this research through the work of Chris Bird, who wrote his article on the "Planetary Grid" in the New Age Journal of May 1975. They were so overwhelmed with this new information that they eventually set up a meeting with him to discuss the work. Soon after this, they "completed" the Grid, making it compatible with all the Platonic Solids, by inserting a creation from Buckminster Fuller's work. Quote from their work...

Endnote: Barbara Hero predicted the future North Pole to be at Aleutian Is., Alaska.


Megalithic sites plotted on world grid as in David Zink's book, The Ancient Stones Speak, concur with Planetary Grid System of Becker and Hagens.



The "10 Vile Vortices" (Ivan T. Sanderson) [sim.Becker-Hagens: "Twelve Devils' Graveyards Around the World" (Saga Magazine, 1972)]

[Planetary Grid Points:

are magnetic-gravitational vortex points (sim.20 'magnetic reversal points'), which are believed to be dimension doors [accounting for non-arbitrariness of nuclear testing/secret launchings (eg.Cape Canaveral, Alice Springs, Lopnor), UFO phenomena, weather pattern generators, unexplained disappearances; eg. Bermuda Triangle, Philadelphia Experiment (Paradox, Nicholas Nelson)] (see 'Bloch Wall').

Due to the energetic structure (icosahedral triangles) of earth, the equator line (0 LAT) has no diamagnetic field, while the actual magnetic reversal areas occur at the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn (vertex points of spinning icosahedral triangles, occurring at approx. 30N LAT, 30S LAT, varying LONG). There are 20 'magnetic reversal points' (1, 12-20, 41-50; sim.'vile vortices'), which alternate power position/quality according to the celestial influence (ie.electro-magnetic spectrum) of the sun, moon, planets, and stars, upon the gravitational spin of earth. The function of the magnetic reversal point alternation is to maintain, bind/hold/unify, and/or balance the Earth.

The dimension doors are believed to be portals to parallel universes.


The Gaze of the Sphinx (eg.Silk Road) essentially coincides with the top line of the Vile Vortices [5 triangular points spinning about the upper horizontal hexagon of the icosahedron, a component of the Planetary Grid System, Earth Crystal, and Unified Vector Geometry (UVG) 120 Polyhedron].


Current work from Bethe Hagens: www.missionignition.net/bethe