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" As above, so below..." -Hermes Trismegistos

Original Geomancy for Humanity: Earth Acupuncture

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Hermes Trismegistos (Thrice Greatest Master), Divine Messenger for Earth, Geomancer of Earth (master Earth grid engineer), with the Smagdarine Emerald Tablets, the keys to Gaia (Earth's energy body; earth grid), passed the flame of his mastery, solar initiatory sword of spirit (for our time), to the Archangel Michael [Master Geomancer; Keeper of Secrets for the Relations between Heaven and Earth; Tone Bearer for Earth; Standard Bearer for the Christ, who is Adam's full potential (Adam Kadmon), source of human template].


The Emerald Tablet is the oldest Western text yet found that contains the breathing exercises that can power the inner circulation with chi or Outer Microcosmic quintessence. The Smagdarine gem offers much more than an esoteric breathing exercise. It’s a transcendental map that expands as the energy of the inner circulation expands within the operator.

Emerald Tablet:

‘Tis true without falsehood, and most real: that which is above is like that which is below, to perpetrate the miracles of One thing.  And as all things have been derived from One, by the thought of One, so all things are born from One by adoption.

The Sun is Its father; the Moon is Its mother.  The Earth is Its nurse; the belly of the Wind carries It.  Here is the essence of every Perfection in the world.  Its strength and power prevail when turned into earth; thou wilt separate the earth from fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with great care.

It ascends from earth to heaven, descends again to earth and receives the power of the higher and the lower.  By this means, thou wilt have the glory of the world.  And because of this, all obscurity will flee from thee.  Within this is the power, most powerful of all powers.  For It will overcome all subtle things, and penetrate every solid thing.  Thus the world was created.  Wonderful adaptations will emerge from this; It is the Way.

And for this reason, I am called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the world.  What I have said of the Sun’s operations is complete.


Ley Lines [sim.Chinese: Dragon Lines in feng shui] are the luminous strands forming the complex network of the planetary grid of light (Gaia). Their intersections create focal points (vortices) or dimension doors.

"the enclosing web of subtle light (that) touched the earth globe...all over the globe ran these pulses, or lines, which make a colored spinning membrane and a great web of patterning oscillations and quiverings." -Doris Lessing (British novelist)

The human being has an energy body (meridian system) just as the Earth has an energy body (Gaia). These two systems of electro-magnetic energy (personal and planetary) connect with other planetary grid systems through their intersection points (vortices).

The mythological Emerald Tablets summarize the 7 HERMETIC PRINCIPLES (the keys to Hermes' Geomancy; Alchemy) essential to all manifested phenomena: [correspond with Hebrew: the 7 Heavens of Enoch; 7th Hebrew Patriarch, Enoch; Sum.: number for Earth (place of recurring cataclysm in solar system: Nibiru) as associated with Enlil (aka.Jupiter: made him immortal; immortal father)]

1) INTELLIGENCE: the universe is intelligent; all is of the infinite mind which is the fundamental reality and the womb of all universes [sim.Vedic: totality of existence (parama-shiva); Hindu: intelligence of heart]

2) CORRESPONDENCE: whatever is above (heaven) is also below (earth) in order to accomplish the miracle of one (the juxtaposition between heaven and earth; the human being; anthropocosm)

3) VIBRATION: all phenomena is in motion and hence vibrating

4) POLARITY: all phenomena consist of a duality of opposite poles (magnetism)

5) RHYTHM: all phenomena have cycles of growth and decline (pulse; tides of ebb and flow)

6) CAUSATION: every effect has a cause, and vice versa, proceeding according to natural law, and never by chance

7) GENDER: all phenomena consist of masculine and feminine aspects



[Gk.: "same word; equal logos" (homo-logos); referring to Hermes statement, "as above, so below," or the similarity of the cosmos with the earth, and with the human being]

The human mind (consciousness) functions within the Earth grid, which vibrates life-light through an electro-magnetic spectrum from the sun (our specific star evolution paradigm), the astrophysical center of our solar system grid (which functions within the galactic grid); humans are evolving with the sun. The earth grid is the forgotten connection (nexus) between human consciousness and the stars of heaven; the anthropocosm, or cosmic human. It is the spiritual bridge juxtaposing cosmic and terrestrial energy into humanity. The electro-magnetic Earth grid preceded, and hence manifested the physical Earth. The evolution of human consciousness (spiritual) progresses in accordance with the cosmos via the harmonic application of the Earth grid; reciprocal harmonics.

Human consciousness is analogous to Earth consciousness (Gaia) through their meridian systems and respective divination disciplines: somamancy [Gk.: "divination of body secrets," (soma-mantos)] and geomancy [Gk.: "divination of the Earth's secrets" (Gaia-mantos)]. Both disciplines access each other for harmony and enlightenment. Geomancy is earth acupuncture. The geomancer is an Earth doctor and a human metaphysician (alchemist).


Chinese Geomancy (Fengshui): Orientation of Environmental Harmony

Geomancy is the terrestrial equivalent of astrology, examining the earth’s topological affect upon winds and waters. Geomancy analyzes space and enhances earth fortune, while astrology analyzes time and reveals heaven fortune. It is the science of putting human habitats and activities into harmony with the visible and invisible surrounding world.

Geomancy recognizes cosmic power lines and points, or energy vortexes, that penetrate the earth’s surface. Astrological influences on the seasons (wind) and water source locations may be utilized in geomancy in order to propagate temple architecture and successful agriculture. Becoming familiar with these influential patterns of wind and water invite successful insights into foretelling future cycles seen in nature (used in Yijing divination and Tarot). (Pennick)

Feng = wind (wood/ether; most refined element; fifth essence) is the elemental vehicle of heaven

Shui = water (most yielding element) is the elemental vehicle of earth

Feng Shui = wind water = heaven and earth interacting in environmental harmony


Valley of the Temples, Kaneohe, Hawaii; Louguantai monastery near Xian, China.

True Chinese geomancy [Chinese: "wind and water" (feng shui)] delineated the terrestrial dragon paths (lung mei), or ley lines, which flowed in the mountains as a white tiger (yang) or in the valleys azure dragon (yin). Where the two paths (tiger and dragon; two breaths or energy lines) intersected, indicated a power point (vortex) location, auspicious for a temple or royal grave. After locating the power/energy point, the Chinese geomancer intelligently inserts the stone needle into the site, to harmonize terrestrial energy (Earth grid) with celestial energy (eg.days, weeks, months, seasons, and year calendars); (sim.acupuncture needles).


Kaballah RESONANCE: ANTHROPOCOSMIC GRID; Function of Celestial Incarnation on Earth (see also Kaballah)

According to traditional mysticism, the Kaballah (consisting of 12 sephira: 10 manifested, 2 subtle) resonates as one vibrational network (grid) with the divine tetragrammaton (Judaic Mysticism: the unpronounceable name of God, Holy Word of "4 letters"; YHWH: Yod, He, Vau, He). The kaballah sephira represent the integrated vibration (physical-spiritual) of the solar system (ie.solar logos), which includes the celestial bodies (9 planets with sun and moon), the five elements (earth, water, fire, air/metal, and space/wood), light (heaven father), form (earth mother), and the soul and body of Adam (human child).

Tetragrammaton (YHWH: 4 letters of God) designations to four specific kaballah sephira (forming the letter "Y"):

[Yahweh: YHWH (tetragrammaton: name revealed to Moses) = 10+5+6+5=26;

"...the hills are alive with the sound of music!"

Planetary Kaballah

Aspects of the Earth Grid resonate with specific Kaballah brilliances (sephira), or celestial bodies, body of consciousness, and motor analogy designation:


Motor Analogy: Modern Electric Motor :: energy conversion mechanism of Earth grid

3 Parts of Electric Motor/Generator/Dynamo: the electromotive force (EMF), which derives from the rotation of the armature through a magnetic field provides the energy source.

1) Armature (coiled): core of soft iron wound with insulated copper wires in slots (too minimize eddy current losses) which produces an electromagnetic field in response to an incoming electric current; connected to commutator; reacts with the stationary bar magnet

2) Stationary Bar Magnet: establishes magnetism; reacts with coiled armature to create magnetic field: when the armature rotates between established poles of the bar magnet, electromotive force (EMF), or power, is generated (purpose of motor)

3) Commutator: directs (DC) and/or changes/alternates (AC) the flow of the primary electric flow from the generator (motor)

If the direction of the electric current changes through the commutator, then the magnetic poles reverse direction, according to the rotational direction change of the armature. Direct current (DC) of constant intensity produces an unchanging magnetic field, while alternating (reversing) current (AC) reverses the polarity of the magnetic field.


The Earth's molten iron core (bar magnet) conducts electric currents (eg.solar radiation waves through the N/S poles) which amplify accompanying magnetic fields (armature) (Hurtak). The electromotive force (EMF) is drawn off through the electromagnetic grid points (1746) which interface the electric/telluric current of the Earth's magnetic field. The interface consisted of the intelligent positioning of megalithic instruments (eg.hollow crystal apexed pyramids/ziggurats; see below) at key grid intersection points within a program of applied consciousness engineering, which re-arranged the inherent magnetic field pattern into an inexhaustible usable energy resource (Michell).


Soul of Gaia: MOBILE FOCUS; Causal body; (tepheret sephirot; Sun)

The soul of Gaia [planetary vibration/word (logos)], or causal body is elementally ether. The soul of Gaia operates by means of a mobile focus, a continuously moving (no fixed location) beam of consciousness, over the surface of the Earth, containing the inherent evolutionary program. According to Hermetic geomantic theory, the mobile focus resides at a specific location (eg.current location at Glastonbury; prior: Jerusalem, Mt. Kailash) for approximately 100 years, with 50 years of transitional offset before and after (200+/- years total presence in location). The focus operates by means of a predetermined evolutionary activation mechanism.


DRAGON (OUROBOROS) LINE GRID (15): GEO-MERIDIAN THEORY; 15 UVG Great Circles; Emotional body (netzah sephirot; Venus)


The Cosmic Sound [Skt.:Sacred Syllable (om); Chinese: absolute nothing (wuji); Judeo-Christ: word (logos)], or the primal vibration, differentiates into complexity (eg.duality: 6 yin/6 yang; assigned by pentology: 5 elements; into 12 zodiac animals). According to Chinese (orig.Babylonian/Chaldean, Sumerian) astrology, cosmic vibration modulation influences Earth in regular oscillations (eg.bi-hour, day, month, annual, meta-annual). The geomantic year was divided into 12 Notes (6 yin/6 yang) and has elemental (5 elements: wood/ether, fire, earth, metal/air, water) assignment [sim. Sumerian/Chinese: sexigesimal (60) mathematics; harmonics of music, number in time] (see also 'anthropocosm').

The Chinese observed and recorded sunspot cycles 2000 years before Galileo, without a telescope. Sunspots were described as appearing like large black birds in front of the sun, thus generating the legend of the ‘Crow in the Sun.’ The cycle of sixty, or 5 cycles of 12 branches (see below), is associated with the 5 Jupiter cycle (12 years), and 5 Herman sunspot cycles (11.5 years).

Vector Equilibrium (VE) array (harmonic 60) superimposed on the Chinese sexagesimal astrological system of deriving master acupuncture points according to the hour.

The 15 major Earth grid lines, or Dragon (Ouroboros) Lines [sim.15 Great Circles of UVG; Chinese acupuncture: human acupuncture regular/collateral organ meridians (jing-luo)(see 'anthropocosm')] are broad paths of solar differentiated light (12 variations of solar radiation; zodiac), which complete an energy circuit about the Earth (sim.ouroboros biting tail), and thus are designated/identified (named) by zodiac sign. There are 12 major grid lines and 3 minor grid lines. Each of the 12 major grid lines has a different solar energy, hence characterized by the 12 zodiac attributes and their ruling planetary/celestial body (sim.zang-fu organs), and a varying level of vibration/note (or color; but not all the colors of the spectrum). The predominant color is gold, while white and pale blue are also found.

Numerology of 15 relates to the magic square of Saturn: add any column or row straight or diagonal to derive 15 as the sum.

The 15 Ouroboros Line Grid designates the astral/emotional body of Gaia (Earth consciousness), interconnecting the physical Earth with the mental. The 15 Dragon Lines (eg.St.Michael Dragon Ley in England) coincide with the icosahedron and dodecahedron elemental polyhedra about Earth (aka.polyhedronic crystal grid; see below), hence incorporating 62 point intersections and 120 equal-sized triangles (sim.UVG). Each of the 62 intersection points carries a positive and negative line running across the surface, both forming the recessed side of the 120 triangles (sim.10 hexagons-10x6=60; 30 diamonds-rhombatriacontrahedron).

Dragon Lines also vary in width (eg.4ft-several hundred yards) and intensity at the various types of nodal points; and possibly having many treatment points arrayed along its length.

Dragon Lines establish Gaia's cosmic relationship, functioning as both an active force and a receptive matrix; the transmitting/receiving technology located between the 3rd (physical) and 4th (mental) dimensions.


Vibrating Stones: Cosmic Conductors

Each Dragon (Ouroboros) Line was originally anchored to the Earth at specific domes via their inherent physical vibrating stones, which were supposedly placed by celestial geomancers [sim.Sum.: "Those of Heaven who are on Earth" (Anunnaki); Akk.: "Lofty Ones" (Ilu); Hebrew/Biblical: God/Angels (El/Elohim)] to form the foundation of the Global Hermetic Megalithic Calendar (or Global Stone Calendar of Zodiac energy), and hence to benefit the bio-sphere. Each of the 12 stones, each resonating at a specific frequency, maintained synchronistic accordance with the various temporal (ie.zodiac) schedules of activity (eg.bi-hours, months, years, ages).


Polyhedronic Crystal Grid (5): Elemental Polyhedra; Envelopes of Consciousness; Mental body (hod sephirot; Mercury)

Genius is simply observing patterned relationship.

The 15 Dragon Lines (sim.RBF: 15 Great Circles) define the polyhedronic crystal grid [sim.Tantric/Vedic/Hindu: 5 Envelopes of Incarnated Consciousness (pancha kosa); Platonic: elemental polyhedra; RBF: Generative Jitterbug; 120 UVG; Becker-Hagens: Earth Star], or the phase changes (5) of tangibility versus motility in energy-matter, incorporating 62 point intersections (Major Grid Points) and 120 equal-sized triangles (10 hexagons-hexakis icosahedron; 12 pentagons-dodecahedron; 20 equilateral triangles-icosahedron; 30 diamonds-rhombatriacontrahedron), expressing the continuous process of creation (primeval) and destruction (dissolution), or structural transformation-transmutation of archetypal consciousness, on the created medium of the geo-sphere.


Celestial Crystal Grids: Fundamental Limitations (J.J. Hurtak) (see also Avebury)

Every star evolutionary program is determined by its valency of light. The Sun is a light crystal which extends its interpenetrating grid to surround all the planets of the solar system, just as the galactic center interpenetrates its stars with a crystal net of evolutionary programming. Hence, terrestrial life, a human being, is limited to geomagnetic cyclic bondage, or the solar magnetic field paradigm, operating under the influence of astrophysics, celestial/planetary light upon Earth (sim.divine lightning rod through the higher planetary sephira of the Kaballah to Earth). Therefore, depending on one's orientation, the polyhedronic crystal grid is either a sanctuary or a prison; and is the gateway for the evolutionary paradigm of human salvation (light body) through anti-gravity (levity; 4d).

The Earth grid represents the geometry (generative polyhedra) of consciousness: the fundamental limitations on awareness, and 4th dimensional transcendence; or the biochemical/evolutionary parameters of expression. The polyhedronic crystal grid, the star grid in which the Earth is a component, maintains the electromagnetic order upon life (eg.genetic code). Anti-gravity/levity (4d) is the quantum-mechanism activated via the psychic technology functioning within human consciousness, to transcend mastery over the Earth grid.


Crystal Functions: Windows of Light

1) Dimension Doors: dimensional transmitting doorways from the kinetic realm of light radiation down through the apparent static material realm of form, and vice versa

2) Thought Amplifiers: amplify and project thought forms

3) Interdimensional communicators: facilitate interdimensional communication

4) Light Frequency Tuner: operates as tuning fork at specific frequencies for light harmonics

5) High Energy Communicator: receive and transmit high energy inputs

6) Electro-Magnetic Balancer: maintain unified electro-magnetic fields for geo-physical balance

7) Cosmic Battery: stores and releases energy on cosmic schedules

8) Archetypal Libraries: stores messages, codes, histories, schedules

9) Light Modulator

10) Psychic telescope: enables vision through great distances of time-space


DOME (GEO-POINT) THEORY (1746): Energy (Electro-Magnetic) Canopies (Vortices) on the Earth Grid (Richard Leviton); Etheric body (yesod sephirot; Moon)

Celestial/Cosmic Imprint/Perspective on Earth; Interstellar Map

The Earth is enveloped in a complex network of electro-magnetic fields, consisting of interconnected pulsating points, which channel intelligent cosmic/stellar light, towards a planetary homeostatic effect. (However, homeostatic effect is altered also due to planetary spin and human conditioning +/-). The domes (points) are places of wisdom [sim.Latin: "spirit of place" (genius loci)].


(radiating out from in)

A) Dome Cap: termination points (48 possible) on spiraling dome line (eg.grapes growing on the vine)

B) Spiraling Dome Line: electro-magnetic radiation from dome center to create dome caps

C) Dome Center: central local vortex

D) Straight Dome Line: straight electro-magnetic line (meridian) connecting local domes

E) Line Node: any of the various intersection types

F) Serpent/Dragon [Egy-Gk: Ouroboros] Grid Line: major Earth grid meridian (15) complete an energy circuit about the Earth (sim.ouroboros biting tail); not radiations from dome centers but may intersect/interact with them; Dragon Lines contain the energy for Earth life, running above the Earth's surface, often running parallel to straight dome lines; (see below)


Cosmic power points upon the Earth (vortices; eg. corn fields-crop circles) have been referred to as dome centers, or ethereal energy canopies, which occupy and create sacred sites, from which extend numerous short-distant spiraling and straight dome lines, which radiate light. According to Richard Leviton, the domes are trans-dimensional magnetic/energy (existing between spirit and matter) facilitators overlaid on the physical landscape to fulfill a past proposal in the present for future events on Earth (ie.create Paradise on Earth). Each dome center carried a light form, or seed crystal. Macrocosmic star grids distribute information to the microcosmic Earth grid. Each dome has the capacity to initiate up to 48 affiliate vortices (smaller domes) on the heliocentric dome lines (spiraling out according to the Golden Proportion), which terminate into a dome cap (est.83,808 on Earth: 1746x48).


Difference of Number in Point Theories:





83,808/4862 = 17.23735


Dome line intersections are called line nodes (in greater frequency than dome caps), which are characterized by solar/positive, lunar/negative, and hence centrifugal (yang) or centripetal (yin). Ancient geomancers marked (treated) the locations of domes, dome caps, and line nodes with stone arrangements (eg.single, circles) and temples (eg.ziggurats, pyramids).

Furthermore, all domes are interconnected via vertical gold (positive) and silver (negative) interwoven cords, which then combine into a master dome, or major Earth grid point (eg.Earth chakra; navel center; VILE VORTICES). The gold (+) and silver (-) cords are the balancing inputs entering into each dome.

The planetary chakra system alternates/changes according to a predetermined/particular timing (eg.celestial influence; Earth spin); (sim.vile vortices).


The 1746 dome centers are designated into solar and lunar type. The number 1746 is rooted in the gematria of Kaballah mysticism:

(can be divided into:)


(666) SOLAR (Heaven): gematria of Hebrew

[666 = “Here is wisdom”

600 = Anunnaki

60 = Rank of Anu, Supreme Ruler

6 = Adad = teacher of initiates]

Numerology: 6+6+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9


The Great Seal depicting Roman numerology for the year 1776.


(1080) LUNAR (Earth): [sim.108; Vedic astrology: 9 planets x 12 houses = 108; Vedic/Tibetan Metaphysics: Dissolution (laya) of the 5 elements (bhutas); inner angle of pentagon; returning to zero-point]

Numerology: 1 + 8 = 9


1080/666 = 1.621621 (approx.Golden Mean Proportion; F)

666/1080 = .6166666 (approx.1/F)


Magnetic Ecology: Unified Magnetic Field Fluctuations

The Earth behaves as a sphere of magnetized (with N/S polarity) iron within a unified magnetic field. Earth's geomagnetic field fluctuations (traumas) [(1) geomagnetic force: equator (.0002 gauss) - poles (.0005 gauss); (2) daily geomagnetic intensity variation: 20-50 gammas] are academically, or generally, attributed to solar radiation fluctuation (eg.solar flares; electro-magnetic storms), and may also be attributed to planetary radiation and gravitational influence. Also, according to mid-Atlantic ridge readings of magnetic rock, geomagnetic pole shifting occurs frequently (eg.230,000-700,000 years), hypothetically causing tremendous biospheric and geological change (eg.new volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, mega-tsunamis, floods, organic extinction).

Earth's geomagnetic field (1965)

The rhythms (fluctuations) of Earth's magnetic field directly influence (condition) the bio-rhythms (eg.bi-hours) of terrestrial life. Hence, if geomagnetic rhythms are recognized, then creative harmony with the environment (eg.Chinese feng shui) may guide the application of alchemical medicine (spiritual evolution).


TERRESTRIAL MEGALITHIC GRID: TELLURIC TECHNOLOGY (Michell); Physical body (malcut sephirot; Earth)

The Earth's molten iron core (bar magnet) conducts electric currents (eg.solar radiation waves through the N/S poles) which amplify accompanying magnetic fields (armature) (Hurtak). The electromotive force (EMF) is drawn off through the electromagnetic grid points (1746) which interface the electric/telluric current of the Earth's magnetic field. The interface consisted of the intelligent positioning of megalithic instruments.

Yonaguni, Okinawa

Megalithic Engineering in Prehistoric Antiquity: (see also 'ZIGGURAT')

In prehistoric antiquity, a vast network of megalithic instruments, or consciousness technology, was specifically arranged/built according to the electro-magnetic Earth grid (ie.cosmic intelligent design). The druids of Britain comprehended the grid as a supermagnetic armature for the applied consciousness technology interface, consisted of the intelligent positioning of megalithic instruments (eg.hollow crystal apexed pyramids/ziggurats) at key grid intersection points within a program of applied consciousness engineering, which re-arranged the inherent magnetic field pattern into an inexhaustible usable energy resource for civilization (eg.Lemuria; Atlantis) (Michell).


Egyptian pyramidal granite cap stone from Amen-emkhet at Dahshur; underwater structures off the coast of Yonaguni, Okinawa.

Various Megalithic Types of Britain: cromlech, dolmen, menhir, quoit, hill figure, sidhe, fogou, souterrain, cairn, stone row, round tower, pyramid, brugh, gallery grave, causewayed camp, ring and ditch

Great White Pyramid (aka.Huangdi's tomb), near Xian, China


Astronomical Observatories: (Sitchin)

Great White Pyramid (aka.Huangdi's tomb), near Xian, China


More evident in ancient temple architecture around the world than modern, geomancy was the guiding principle behind the design. Geomancy enabled the orientation of the temple to function primarily as an astronomical viewing device (“star gate”), thus becoming a calendar that guided the service of the people through festival (eg.winter solstice orientations were most predominant in Chinese geomancy).


Maachu Pichu, Peru; Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico; Palenque, Mexico; Tikal, Guatemala.

The sacred geomantic temples, believed to be at one time the abodes of the deities when they reigned from the physical realm on Earth, became the temples of human astronomer-priests who deciphered oracles from heaven through sky watching. As celestial observatories, the temples combined the disciplines of geomancy and astronomy, as an extension of humanity linking heaven to earth [axis mundi]. The ancient temples (eg.ziggurats, pyramids) aligned to precise celestial orientations and provided with apertures and other structural features that let the light of the Sun, planet, or another star enter as a beam at equinox or solstice times (ie.”stargate”), made possible the precise astronomical observations, calculations, and record keeping.


Shiloh, Tennessee; Causeway of the Dead, Teotihuacan, Mexico City; Java




The applied consciousness technology was created after the understanding of the fusion of science and spirituality; the human grid interface (anthropocosm). The understanding stems from realizing the synergistic interconnection of the sequential generative scopes of synchronistic evolutionary programs (eg.star evolution of the Sun and Earth-Human genetic transmutation) into one vibrational body (ie.Series 7).

Series 7:

1) Black Hole Singularity (zero point source of universal non-existence)

2) Big Bang Spontaneity (generative center of universal existence)

3) Milky Way Galaxy (galactic center)

4) Sun (solar system)

5) Earth (central sun; molten iron core)

6) Human being (merkaba: heart center)

7) Enlightenment (satori: realization of true purpose; no mind conduit for infinity; anthropocosm)

Astrology (timing of divine return) guides geomancy (environmental harmony through spatial orientation) for the internal alchemist on the path to becoming the sage [ie.cosmic human: juxtaposition of the cosmos and human being (anthropocosm); sim.Chinese: true human (zhenren)].


Holy Grail: Sacred Template of Human Perfection (Anthropocosm)

According to Hermetic Geomancy, the Holy Grail is an internal electromagnetic-consciousness gate, which opens after the re-unification of the human psyche with divinity (ie.harmonious integration of the solar 12 zodiac archetypes; liberation from karmic conditioning). The realization of the internal Holy Grail (sim.Kaballah; Tree of Life in Sumerian Edin), the sacred template of human perfection, and its intelligent activation (eg.internal alchemy: chanting, singing, dancing, crystal gazing, etc.) enables the cosmic human conduit to channel infinite light [sim.Kab.: Edin Light Body; enlightened Adam (Adam Kadmon)]. The juxtaposition between the cosmos and the human being (eg.star compounded Grail Knight walking in a local zodiac temple) clarifies and harmonizes the Earth grid. Both human and planetary (Earth) energy becomes balanced through conscious human participation at grid points (eg.earth acupuncture); earth-human reciprocal maintenance.