geometrical clairvision of the structure and creation of the universe (universal cosmology); opera



Elemental depiction of the fire spindle penetrating the primordial Earth.



Moving through black hole singularity is moving through a place where all scientific law breaks down.


The pursuit of knowledge was the exploration of an infinite universe that curved back upon itself, that frayed into paradoxes and contradictions. Deng Ming Dao on The Golden Embryo


Original visualization of the Fire Spindle: Merkaba pulling apart or coming together superimposed on Kaballah construction. The triangles' center of areas move apart to intersect with each others' triangular base.


Fire Spindle superimposed on the solar system to elementally calibrate the orbital positions of the planets (see also wall paper).




1)   black hole singularity

2)   big bang spontaneity

3)   galactic center

4)   sun

5)   core of earth

6)   prajna eye

7)   enlightenment hides right in front of your face, blinded by the ignorance of the action of seeking- satori, spindle point, house of god, realm of endless light, dimension door to another paradigm; spiraling thru the void of mind to the point of singularity in time-big bang spontaneity-enlightenment

The Fire Spindle

[As a fetus anticipates the light of his first day, or as a deep sleeper stumbles onto a colorful dream, the audience begins in total darkness awaiting a miracle. This first miraculous choice commences a chain reaction of choices which illustrate the chapter of life. In life we choose who we are, what we do, where we go, how well get there, and who well become when we die; but we never ever seem to ask why.]



Part I:  A Mistake In The Void; The Organization Of Chaos; The Segregation of the Elements; A Miracle


[Void of pitch darkness,

Buffering voids in darkness,

Unveiling darkness,

Falling deeply in chaotic darkness,

Shedding skins of darkness,

Opening doors of darkness,

Revealing farms of darkness,

Cultivating seeds in darkness,

Until one seed,

One chance,

One change,

One choice,

One miracle,


One combines brightness,

Tantamount to blissful infinite cracks,

By lightning strikes from

The titan of solidity,

Swimming against the blood currents,

Exhaled from the spiral-haired lungs

Of the master of nothingness.


The dispersement of willful flame

Illuminates the reflection of blueprints unrolling

In the wild tunnel of unlimited sight,

Traveled by the four lost students,

Splendored by the architect of life.


The master of destruction

Tells the tale of creation.


The Absolute Ethereal Void speaks now:]


Listen to me, my ethereal children:


Shooting from the void of their colorful dreams,

The traveling miracle workers created.

Within the guild of the Gods,

The trenchancy of One immortal swordsmith's wheel

Catches the glimmer of Wisdom's smile,

When a universe is fabricated within a fire spindle,

Plummeting through immaculate winds.


As philosophers read stars,

Fire spindles live in light

Superfluously avoiding solid obstructions,

<While looking through the narrow-slitted iron grate,

Welded to the golden-winged jouster's helm.>

When the wand of Reason

Is slain by the swift hands of Probability,

The fire spindle's life-giving glow escapes

After the collision with a rock.


A bleak spike driven to death

Is resurrected by the Will to Create,

Breathing dormant in the womb of the divine guildswoman, screaming

To spark the ethereal city of souls spinning.


Fire kisses Wind ,

To turn Water,

Around Earth,

Embracing Fire,

Black or White,

Acid and Light.


On the mirror of alignment,

Defined by a ring of fire,

Repelled by an inner circle of water,

The mountain of glimmering brilliant goodness spins air

To counter the gnawing flesh-hungry thorns

That direct the nadir of evil digesting earth.


The peered foundation of the cone,

carried on the back of Individuality,

Condenses to despotic Unity,

Sprawled out on the cotton-wrapped razor-edged apex,

Pointing to the tightrope under the firewalker,

Who sprints to the realm of effortless travel.


Inside the ethereal labyrinth of preparation,

Fire dwellers quest for the cage of limitation,

Locked past the dimension doors of the elements.


The door you open will become your temporary mask.


Learn to be a doer as earth.

Learn to do nothing as water.

Learn to teach nothing as air.

Teach how to be a doer of nothing as fire.


Take the key forging in the furnace of desire

To open the door of earth.

While inside, learn to swim.


South of the river of Dusk

Shakes an abundant branch tempting the way

By throwing its offspring

Into cataracts of wine,

Tumbling down the stepping bones of desire,

Through abysmal catacombs of memory,

Pushed by the torches of instinct,

Shining life to the bed of pollinating poppies,

Eaten by the trapdoor of ravenous solidity.


Remain content within the ring of fire

To open the door of water.

Learn to fly.


Between warring shores of duality,

The cushioning current of neutrality meanders,

In the light of absolute nothingness,

Shimmering in the ripples from concentric circles,

Inspiring a buoy to drift perfectly,

In the pool of the Now.


Give away the winged helm of providence

To open the door of air.

Learn to teach.


North of the river of Dawn

Lies the vast desert of perspiring night,

Endured only after persistently following

The sacred star of healing

Reflecting promise off the frost-latticed peak,

Being pulled by cords twisted of moon beams,

Through the window of soft placidity.


Have faith in your destructive nature

To open the door of fire.

Learn to die.


Beyond the unlocked doors used by the slave elementals,

The sacrificial changeling destructively lurks

With the evolutionary commandment of growth

Promised by the Will to Create

When removing his immortal spear point

From the apex of the fire spindle,

Encased in glowing blood bubbles,

Splattering eternity back on his mask of fire.


Now go, my ethereal children,

And choose your door

Into the realm of tangibility.